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Way up

Who we are


UKALO (ukaalo) is the Nepali word for upward. We chose that name for our organisation because we want Nepal to move continuously uphill again after the 2015 earthquakes - with our help.

Therefore we founded a NGO on May 11th 2015, acknowledged as charity organisation by the local German authorities (Registergericht Traunstein 201584; Finanzamt Rosenheim 156/111/20076). UKALO e.V. is official partner of Nepal NGO´s Himalayan Aid and National Health Care Foundation Nepal. Our idea is to support rebuilding and a sustainable development of Nepal by sponsoring projects mainly in the health and education sector, all realized via a close personal contact to our local partners and friends.

For maximum transparency we are approved by the Social Welfare Council Nepal. 

Committee Board

Dr. Marianne Weber-Keller, president

Edgar Müller, vice president

Ronald Schulze, treasurer, Hans Mittermiller & Karl-Heinz Uhlmaier, cash audit

Anette Maier, committee member

Regina Trautwein-Hagen, homepage, public relations

Dr. Reiner Keller, newsletter and administration

How we started and where we go

Right after the earthquakes we concentrated on initial relief projects supplying food and shelter. Now we focus on education and health care: In the beginning we supported two districts (Langtang and Sindhupalchowk in the north respectively north east of Nepal), meanwhile we mainly support Jethal VDC in Sindhupalchowk. We help to finance and realize local projects 100 percent according to the needs and preferences of the local people.

To fulfil Nepal government regulations UKALO president Dr. Mary Weber-Keller has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Himalayan Aid Nepal in September 2016 to achieve the common “School Project 2016 following” (i.e. to build and equip the newly founded Sampada Secondary High School in Jethal and pay the salary of highly qualified teachers). To substantiate transparency of our financial transactions we opened an UKALO bank account in Kathmandu.

For our newest major project, i.e. to establish, build and sponsor a special lab in Kathmandu we signed another contract with Nepal NGO National Health Care Foundation Nepal on Sept 15th 2018. Our NEO CLINIC AND LAB is a consequence of Deepak´s 2017 kidney transplantation. All transplant patients need regular drug screenings of their anti-immunologic medicine but till now there is no satisfactory access to that lab analysis for the majority of patients in Nepal. Some patients (like Deepak) do it abroad, many are tested less frequent than necessary what can cause rejection or damage of the transplant. In Oct 2018 the construction of our NEO CLINIC AND LAB has started, the site being offered by a Hindu temple on a social welfare privilege. Mr. Surya Kunwar, lab technician with many years of experience in treating kidney patients will be responsible for the new laboratory and his colleagues Mrs Dr. Kalpana Shrestha (nephrologist) and Mrs. Dr. Bina Manandhar (neuro pediatrician) will have their clinics in the same complex.

According to our memorandum UKALO will sponsor the lab within the first two years with a total of 100.000 Euro, then the clinic should generate income and work with financial profite. This profite has to be re-invested to the clinic as it is a social welfare project. Starting in Dec 2017 we have collected more than 62.000 Euro targeted to the lab until Nov 2018, about 15.000 gained by a charity concert performed by our generous friends Gerhard Polt und die Wellbrueder on May 10th. The lab was nucleus for a clinic with more than 20 departments meanwhile. It was handed over to the people of Kathmandu on January 30th 2020. 

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