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How we help

Since we founded our organisation we have collected more than 460.000 Euro. We started with a great charity concert performed by Gerhard Polt und die Wellbrueder on May 17th 2015 followed by generous donations from friends, companies, organisations, anonymous people. We raised funds by call for donations related to family celebrations, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and we even came into a deadly ill lady´s inheritance. Three very active friends sell Nepali handicraft products every year on Christmas markets to make money for our UKALO projects. Besides we are glad to have a considerable number of enrolled members to UKALO e.V. whose regular contributions allow reliable budgeting.

On behalf of the needy people of Nepal and as president of UKALO I would like to say dherai danyabaad or thank you so much to all our generous sponsors. Without your financial help we cannot offer a helping hand to our friends in the Himalayas. With good reason the Nepali people consider all of us their extended family. 


Emergency service

o After the earthquakes we provide relief by sponsoring food, building materials for temporary shelters

o offering basic medical aid and bring medic equipment to the healthpost

o  support rebuilding of the destroyed village schools 

Medium term service

teach assistant nurses, provide medic teaching materials to the schools

o  finance treatment for individual patients


o  equip a small carpenter´s shop in the school compound to build and repair school furniture

o  plan to offer on the job training for boys and girls to become  electricians and plumbers 

o  offer re-usable sanitary pads for all girls of the VDC to enable them to attend school all through the months

Sustainable service

o  build NEO HEALTH CLINIC AND LAB in Kathmandu that developed to a polyclinic with ten departments, well equipped to treat kidney patients and kids with epilepsia

o  open a future basic lab in Jethal healthpost  to improve health service for the village people

o  organize and establish a permanent cooperation between German & Nepali lab specialists with the help of Stiftung Klinikpartnerschaften


o  build Shree Sampada Secondary School in Jethal to offer free of cost  high school education for all students of the VDC

o  equip the school with modern teaching materials and media incl. science lab, computer lab, library

o  hire highly qualified specialized teachers

o  invite teachers to Germany to offer knowhow transfer, invite volunteers to offer additional subjects such as music lessons, theatre play, first aid, English conversation

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