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Who we are




UKALO (ukaalo)   is the Nepali word for upward.  We chose that name for our organisation because we want Nepal to move continuously uphill again after the 2015 earthquakes - with our help.


Therefore we founded a NGO on May 11th 2015, acknowledged as a charity organisation by the local German authorities (Registergericht Traunstein 201584; Finanzamt Rosenheim 156/111/20076). UKALO e.V. is official partner of Nepal NGO Himalayan Aid. Our idea is to support rebuilding and a sustainable development of Nepal by sponsoring projects mainly in the health and education sector, all realized via a close personal contact to our local partners and friends.


Committee Board

Dr. Marianne Weber-Keller, president

Edgar Müller, vice president

Ronald Schulze, treasurer, Hans Mittermiller & Karl-Heinz Uhlmaier, cash audit

Anette Maier, committee member

Regina Trautwein-Hagen, homepage, public relations

Dr. Reiner Keller, newsletter and administration


Our charter

Application for membership



How we started


Right after the earthquakes we concentrated on initial relief projects supplying food and shelter.  Now we focus on education and health care: We support the Langtang area and mainly Jethal VDC (Sindhupalchowk). We help to finance and realize local projects 100 percent according to the needs and preferences of the local people.


To fulfil Nepal government regulations UKALO president Dr. Mary Weber-Keller has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Himalayan Aid in September 2016 to achieve the common “School Project 2016 following” (i.e. to build and equip the newly founded Sampada Secondary High School in Jethal and pay the salary of highly qualified teachers). To substantiate transparency of our financial transactions we opened an UKALO bank account in Kathmandu.


How we help

Since we founded our organisation we have collected more than 180.000 Euro. We started with a great charity concert performed by Gerhard Polt und die Wellbrüder on May 17th 2015 followed by generous donations from friends, companies, organisations, anonymous people. We raised funds by call for donations related to family celebrations, birthday parties and we even came into a deadly ill lady´s inheritance. Three very active friends sell typical Nepali products on the Christmas market to make money for our UKALO projects. Besides we are glad to have a number of enrolled members to UKALO e.V. whose regular contributions allow reliable budgeting.

On behalf of the needy people of Nepal and as president of UKALO I would like to say dherai danyabaad or thank you so much to all our generous sponsors. Without your financial help we cannot offer a helping hand to our friends in the Himalayas. With good reason the Nepali people consider all of us their extended family.


What we achieved

Meanwhile we have hiked a long uphill way together. On the very base we financed the relief work and helped our local partners to feed the villagers, build temporary shelters, win the race against the winter, both in Langtang and Jethal. Next step upwards was to equip earthquake damaged schools in both areas with teaching material, sports articles and toys for the break. In Jethal we managed to rebuild the Ghumpti school compound wall. In September 2015 we offered volunteer medical work as doctor and nurse to treat 450 patients and to educate three girls in basic wound treatment. In addition a German education authority representative met Nepali teachers and headmasters to learn about the village schools´ and students´ priority needs.

After a busy and successful hike we summited and reached a unique lighthouse project: The founding of the new Sampada Higher Secondary School, a great benefit to whole Jethal village because a community`s progress and development begins with education. For the first time Jethal boys and girls have access to higher education without leaving their homes and families and moving to a boarding school in the capital. Sampada Higher Secondary School was first opened in a temporary bamboo building on April 19th 2016. In the meantime two of the three planned permanent buildings have been constructed taken into account earthquake resistant building techniques from Japan.

From the first day on we have been able to sponsor the salary for two highly qualified teachers for English and mathematics/science due to a dedicated 3-year-donation. Another donation enables us to hire a third specialised subject teacher from April 2017 on. Thus we can offer reliable high level education, gratefully appreciated by parents, students and village representatives.

On our way ukalo we met Mrs. Bhuna Tamang of Jethal village who had lost her right hand in an electric shock. We have invited Bhuna to Bad Aibling in February 2016, where Radspieler-Zentrum für Mobilität donated a prosthesis for the Nepali lady. Meanwhile Bhuna became accustomed to her artificial hand from Germany and she can very well benefit of that valuable donation.

As well we managed and sponsored the visit of two headmasters to Rosenheim in November 2016. The ideas was to introduce them into our teaching methods and school administration in primary and middle schools. Immediately after returning to Nepal they had a meeting with all local colleagues to share and spread their attained knowledge.

All our guests went home as ambassadors of the active and living friendship between UKALO and the country and people of Nepal. Hopefully they managed to make some of you curious to visit Nepal one day because tourism still is the major source of income for the poor but unique and wonderful country.


How you help

If you want to join us and the Nepali people on our common way upwards you can

- wire your donation to our bank account:

SWIFT CODE: BYLADEM1ROS, IBAN: DE26 7115 0000 0020 0878 54

- become part of our organisation for 100 Euro yearly membership fee

- recruit new members for our organisation

- call for donations e.g. at the occasion of your next family celebration

- offer your volunteer work in the village as physician, nurse, physiotherapist, teacher, student, farmer, craftsmen, engineer etc.

- promote our UKALO organisation

- perform your charity concert or play

- travel to Nepal


What we paid

Our typical expenditure in Nepal so far

O 8 room school (without purchase of land, clearing, ground work, foundation)  Euro 80.000

O 1 toilette Euro 200

O land purchase for old peoples´ home Euro 2800

O fees related to the land purchase Euro 350

O compound wall for primary school Euro 5000

O metal sheets for one village Euro 3000

O metal sheets and tarps for 1-family-temporary shelter Euro 15

O race against the winter  (blankets, pillows, matrasses)  Euro 4000 (each area)

O 1 qualified teacher per year Euro 3000

O sports und fun articles per school Euro 100

O school board Euro 35

O “Where there is no doctor” (book for health posts and schools) Euro 4,50

O leukaemia treatment for young patients    Euro 10.000 till now (paid  after specific call for donation)

O follow up per month: lab, examination, medication   Euro 350

O medication for one patient with heart failure per year   Euro 90

O medication for one patient with depression per year   Euro 120


How it looks


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