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Briefe aus Nepal - von Deepak Bhandari (Himalayan Aid)


Deepak 29.06.

… Good news lot of progress is going on to the both part of the world , despite bad weather monsoon our work is still going on , but if the land is too vulnerable than we may have to slow down for sometime which will see after week or two

Lower Sampada school is almost outer work is completed  as well as Ghumti , same up in the hill , it's only threat to our baby , however lots of prevention work simultaneously going on
Other thing finding some solid donor seems to be important as we realize the cost of the land arrangement become more than building due to mountain terrain , that's the reality , this is the only place where we can extend the land but costing more , so hope we can do slowly , so this year will try to focus more on the land infrastructure and atleast 6 to 8 room school , future we need more 8 room , one assembly hall etc but this year we must wait for stability of land . Good News few days back our baby got the approval of rubbing a high school for the village student , this is s great news for all the Jethal villagers and neighboring


Deepak 23.06.

Yes I am also bit relaxed despite everyday call from village how threaten to our baby each day piece by piece but there is nothing we can do placed lots of plastic all over hounded a of sand bags placed already , let's wait I am not any more worried



Deepak 22.06

It's very sad news for all Nepali and extended family that we still have to give up life for the shake of some ones security due to poverty, what to do ??? Anyhow it's big news here hopefully government will do something dead people's family are waiting their body to arrive home and do their ritual process , one of the man's who died lost his both daughter and son last earthquake disaster , it's very very sad
… when problem comes it comes one after another why like this God can't understand !!!! Anyway my dear didi hope all will be good and I set a pray for your cousin and all who died in Afganisthan.
Regarding our baby still in difficult stage will wait about week to 10 days after that student will have monsoon holiday , during this time will again start process how to protect only



Deepak 19.06.

After all I have received a news with the photos early this morning heavy rainfall make big landslide right over one of our baby school, it's sad how much we work and waited , but what to do this is mountain land we all should bear it, so we can't do much now  despite only preventing part , so I came to office called our volunteer Ashok immediate had meeting , we have decided to send tons of sand bag and plastic for the time being , this is the only way. We can't do much so let's wait and see. Anyway I still cove our new student will have brand new class room when they start new session end of the July , one month they will have monsoon holiday

Besides above our volunteer returned today after completion of their 6 weeks volunteering , it was nice exposure again for the kids and our new teacher , they also enjoyed it …


Deepak 17.06.
Here we have some progress photos , but our baby is still has to be protected by sand bags , plastic and other way to stop erosion , I hope it will hold the heavy monsoon , rest is going good and hopefully we will be able to complete the project within time frame

Last night game was draw , which is better than losing , hope future is still good for Germany

Deepak 14.06.

Thankyou for your email , yes it's very important to keep our supporters well wishers in good clear condition … For the supporters yes they can decide now which place to dedicate their fund , for this we can purpose each class room to sponsor we still need about 8 more besides existing , solar , rainwater or any new upcoming , which we will come up with plan and project cost etc


Deepak 09.06.

Back to business good to hear that you have taken big step outrightly for Madhukar , I have relayed the same message what you have mentioned on the mail that you will take care of monthly cost to his father , Vishnu said and he still think that you are a God of his son like last time when we together visited Madhukar in hospital he said  the same , I tried to convince him my Didi ( Mary ) is doing only her level best you are still his father , he and his family are very happy and now sister is taking care this week Madhukar and Vishnu will go to see his sick wife , Madhukar's mother in the village. Atleast great news for him and family regular cost of hospital is covered

Delighted to hear what you are doing for our baby high school sounds wonderful , where in this Jethal village school a generation and generation will be benefitted, so first team of Bio , solar , rain water and other system engineers team are visiting on Saturday with our volunteer . We have already started protecting monsoon rain , but after professional visit will have more concrete plan , which I will forward to you


Deepak 07.06.

Besides above  good to hear all what you doing with your sponsors writing a letter. Our baby is in good progress except rain drain the sold, however our expertise found their schedule visit on Saturday, after having close look at the ground, they will come up with some plan, till than we are doing our level best to protect. School reconstruction work is going on as we have roof now and most masonry work will be inside, so atlas no worker or student has to get wet this monsoon. This was the challenge and we did just before the monsoon.

Tomorrow i am meeting with Madhukar’s father in my office, after meting him i will be able to give you exact status of the Madhukar and his future plan. St the moment family seems to be happy to be together and rather do the treatment as a Out patient.


Deepak 05.06.

… i am in the office, am trying to coordinate with the our volunteer in the village and also with Head master regarding latest progress of the school. It looks like progress is gradually satisfactory.

Also i had a news from my Bank that the fund you have sent has been remitted  to my account  safely, thank you very much. We will make a use of carefully for the soil conservation and protect of babies ...


Also anther news to report you yesterday AML boy Madhukar has been discharged from the Hospital relatively in ok health condition, all family his father , mother and sisters are very thankful to you and your organization Ukalo for your great life saving support. As they still need to continue for their medical support , they can’t go to village and they have not really any income, so please advise if there are any other support we can do ????  What i tought is to help for renting a room and go to Hospital when needed which is cheaper than being in a hospital and probably better for him rather than all time in the Hospital. Deepak 01.06

Subha Bihani , it's sunny morning here in Ktm , …
So this morning I  just now  called our politician for the high school permission , which we will get in few days time , as they have seen the progress , our DEO is happy with what we are doing
Besides above here are some photos which will show you actual the stage of the rain cause some trouble in our new high school , now we are working simultaneously building school as well as control the soil erosion ,  Thankyou fur your quick decision , our people on place now and start working already how to prevent the current situation


Deepak 31.05.

…Thankyou for your quick response when i needed, i have already request villagers to do the necessary action to control the erosion of the cut soil, we need to save our babies, where we have already about 80 students, so now tie the help of Ukalo i have  already stared the job as manually, however i am also requesting our engineers to find long term solution as well as beautify the area , so that even small thing we do as model, its always good for the villagers to learn for the future, i will make some document and send to you.

Sunny morning wishes from ktm


Deepak 30.05.

Thankyou very much fur your email … you are right two generation before things were different in Germany too,
Now for the school project , four other as we talk earlier last time wil support only some but one will adopt as a model and example so this can be justify to our donor and moral supporters , I have categorized all the need and request our engineer to figure out each projects cost , so we can request to our sponsors or any body who ever like to help each plan , it will be written and dedicated by so and so
Once I have the details I will forward to you
For now I have to save the ground due to erosion of new soil which is costing me some extra cost , if this is ok for Ukako I will spent some amount from the last time dues, for the future once I have details I will send to you

Deepak 30.05.

…Yes our baby High school progress is satisfactory, the only thing i am working to find out with our Bio engineers to find a good solution how to stablized top soil erosion  without making too much harm, which i hope soon i shall have some idea ,  thats the first task , so f you allow for the conservation of land field terrace, i will use some reserve fund you have from last time. For the future i am still trying to pick one or few as per our budget, once i have the calculation from our engineers i may can forward to  you as i told you earlier.

Thats all for the time being and more will keep you  posted,  thanking you …


Deepak 29.05.

I returned safely from the Jethal village, it was good to see progress is gaping on satisfactorily at the moment since our visit together in April. Teachers are doing good job Headmasters are busy with there given task and students are very pleased with heir new teachers and supplies you have provided to them.

Weather was nice last Friday but took us  long day to return for us as we had a lots of task to finished in shirt time, especially technical monitoring and inspection. Now i realized its only hardware we still have lot to be done, project are separate for our baby like


1 Bio engineering plan for the stable of the soil and erosion control,


2 Solar systen to make school independent power


3 Toilet project for the girls, boys , lady teacher and teachers


4 Rain water harvesting system


5 School ground making and pavement


6 School compound


Soon i will have the cost of the each project and it will be  idea of how we can do it or we can purpose to different people or organization. Please advise what you think ????


Deepak 26.05.

…Lets hope we are doing atleast good karma helping Jethal villagers
Good luck for your sono machine connection and Lions club meeting seems good presentation , let's hope as no fallen of the chariot and Just ended up safe peacefully , so hope the year 2016 will be reasonable year for us
Tomorrow morning I am leaving for Jethal as work is on progress and needed this engineering monitoring before they make too many mistake , I am also inviting Julian for photography , my friends kids from England Dan and Rachel were here for break after 3 weeks volunteering …

Deepak 25.05. Namaste …

Thank you for the email, yes October month sounds better than  this monsoon season , hopefully by than will have atleast  roof for the most schools, if not minimum 3 including our baby, so what i will do is when i go to village may be next couple of days time i will collect the passport of two headmaster as we have spoken and send you the copy for the visa procedure , which will allow you also to have enough time to do the embassy work, at the same time we will follow up local necessary paper and gathered all the document that embassy would required in order to visit these two headmaster in Germany. Also we shall have roof and headmasters are the key person to do it as we have given whole task to them to do this, because their participant is very important with their school management committee for the better feeling and responsibilities.

Besides above i have some picture of the current progress of our baby, i will send to you please find it, since our inauguration time.


Deepak 20.05. Namaste,
Good to hear Didi Barbara is working with Bavaria Government, let's hope how it comes I Thankyou so much for your try and efforts that putting yourself despite your regular schedule , our high school is really coming up , kids are excited to have their proper roof after long await , though still far a way for their own home . I am also trying and pushing hard to atleast to have proper roof before heavy rainfall monsoon , our teacher are doing great job, students of class 8 , 9 and parents are very pleased , s month is completed and last week I have settled their payment in their account


Deepak 19.05. Today we have rainy afternoon, couldn't do much so have long meeting with senior staff of Hotel , we are planing how to battle with extrem low tourist season , finally we have come to conclusion to cut the cost by reducing heavy menu and over staffing , when we talk staff part , we can only send them paid leave not for ever , however we have come to some point , which I frankly hope …
Rest is all well , school work is going rapid as the most material each schools I have tried and push to deliver before the hard hit of monsoon , so hopefully if electricity is provided we shall atleast have roof of our purposed high school by next week , will keep you updating
Rainy wishes from Ktm


Deepak 15.05.

Its glad to hear reunion of wonderful family again in BA after all the adventure and charity run journey in Nepal. For me it was kind f missing my routine today as i used to meet about this time in Hotel in Thamel and make a day plan. So no today. Yesterday went well with the parents meeting in the morning,  called you but noticed that your sim was taken out already, nevertheless h]glad to hear our boys did their job…

With deep feeling and all our wishes


08.02.2016 Deepak

AML boy is still at good hand of Doctor at The Hospital, yet its not allowed to meet for outside visitors, but their family saying he has some improvements, lets cross finger we may have some good news, anyway after inspecting by our personal from office people will update to you.


Village school is ground is about to get ready, will send you some latest picture, soon we will start to look for the new teacher and recruit them as per our conversation last meeting. I guess thats all for now , trust my email will find you both in good mood and relax, once again thanking you and will keep you updated,

Regards to all your Ukalo Partner



03.02.2016 Deepak

Namaste Mary

Thankyou very much for your email,

Its great news for the AML boy some bavarian Doctors are extending their hand to the very needy boy of Nepal who is lying on ᅠthe bed of the Hospital. Thankjyou Mary once again for your great intiantion without you impossible !

As you are transferring some fund will work out, please convey my warm regards to Dr Reiner and all your Ukalo team, ᅠthanking you

Partially sunny morning wishes from Kathmandu



02.02.2016 Deepak

Dear Mary

What a news for the boy, even Doctor himself is helping, he and his family will be delighted, will pass this info quickly, thank you again

You are right we have little bit better day today with relatively warm sunshine, thank God i may can sit outside agin in my roof terrace think of our last time lunch and relax, thanking you



01.02.2016 Deepak

Its great news for all of usᅠhow good you are everyone is cooperating ᅠfinancially and morally to you and your ideas.ᅠI will relay your Namaste to all my family and our team, also same at ᅠthe same time ᅠi , my family and all my team also would like to send you our heartiest warm regards from partly sunny afternoon KathmanduI guess thats all for the time being and will be in touch, till than stay healthy and happy.ᅠCold evening wishes from dark evening Kathmandu

26.01.2016 Narendra

Namaste. We gave the money to Sick boy Mr. Madhukar and family at hospital yesterday according to your last email. Here are few picture of him.

Thanking you. Regards.Hardness


26.01. 2016 Deepak

Dear Mary and Dr Reiner

Hope all is well with you and family

i am here with sending you the update report of the patient who was suffering from Leukemia. As per Doctor they are treating locally and estimated of 20,000.00 ᅠ to 25, 000.00 euro for the further treatment, but don't know what will be the result as i couldn't understand the Doctor's ᅠlanguage, anyway some of your concern Doctor may ᅠcould figure out after having looking at the present treatment and his future plan. The letter is from today and got it from the civil Hospital where the patient is being treated. I guess this maybe enough to know whats going on, i thank you in advance ᅠfor the kind support for ᅠthe boy ᅠpersonally and ᅠon behalf of organization.


Thanking you and if anything needed regarding the same case we have the pleasure to et you back, thanking you


17.01. 2016 Deepak

Namaste Mary

Glad to hear that you have reached home safely, thank you for the confirmation email

It seems like you are having lots of snow at home, i hope its not too cold like village and your solar is functioning well to bit the winter.

Today i will try to send you the ᅠdetails of Leukemia sickness boy that we are talking ᅠwhile you are in kathmandu, which family is very desperate that they are not able to proceed for any further treatment, we shall be happy if anything can be done about it, you are tired now but you can see whenever your time allows,

Thats all for now and will be in touch, please convey my warm regards to Dr Reiner and your daughter and son. thanking you




Briefe aus Nepal - handgeschrieben von Deepak Bhandari (Himalayan Aid)

vom 21. November 2015




Dear Mary

Thank you very much for your generous email again.

I can imagine Bavarian sunny bright  morning would  be wonderful, not only that  Walking through the nice parks and picking up a good coffee shop near the town can't bit anything better. I always like the great Bavarian made German bread and butter in my breakfast. While i was staying at Paul Nicolini  house at Pullach  it was great daily breakfast. I liked it very much.

Now besides some reports of from Nepal,  yes  our country is  going through the unexpected problem after constitution, we have never thought it would have been so bad after being able to make own constitution,  but  the condition has been rather adverse and effecting worst than even 7.6 magnetite of earth quake in April and May. It was rather acceptable though we are still in pain and trying to come out what we have lost lives and other stuffs. Now human created and human cry is another attack from our neighborhood. We always thought small country Nepal in-between from China  and India can be better in the future, but it didn't look like.

Now the current problem is another like  children and elderly people are seriously effected this winter due to short supply of not being able to keep warm themselves. As you know most of them are living under the metal sheet temporary shelter and they are extremely cold in the winter season especially the hillside shelters. So as a human need we need to make a quick campaign called " Race against the winter " so Himalayan Aid since one week started this early bird catches program dot cater the need of each family like One big mattress ( family Size ) , Two pillows and Thick quilt, so this week just yesterday was the first day we have been able to provide first truck laded of 100 families supply, it was really nice and largely successful program in the Jethal VDC. The cost of each family was around Euro 48.00 , so Mary this can be our next quick winter program. So if you are sending some fund through Ukalo account at Utse this will be our plan, what you think please advise ????? I have enclosed a photos of the first lot and demand is very high upto 500 families in the same village.


Also good to hear that you have great connection with high German official and some talk on appropriately about Nepal would be always appreciated, i am sure world must know whats is happening as it looks like not many people knows about this bitter fact, because  with India and China nobody like to make their enemy. They are economical power but didn't help at present for people like us, i know there could be  some mistake of our Political leaders too but as human being normal people has got nothing to do blocking daily supplies like medicine, Gas , fuel and other necessities.

Yes i liked your ideas to make villagers sustainable , i will talk to some candidate and we may need to soon implement this idea of BIOGas system, any expertise and help can be done from Ukalo , most welcome.

Regarding Naya Basti High School purposal   its  being survey and planned  as per the new school building code from central Educational department, our engineer participating the different program of  how to build the earth quake resistance building in future, so its as per the new technologies but also following the tradition. I am sure if any  expertise  input or suggestion for the same also welcome. I am sure Mr edgar will have some knowledge  or his association. If needed any further document , plan sketch or ground engineering question also most welcome.

I guess thats all for now and if anything we can always keep in touch, please say my regards to Dr Reiner, Annete, and Edgar, thanking you

Cold evening wishes from Thamel  corner


Deepak Bhandari



Namaste Mary

Thankyou for your email, thank God, nothing had happened to us in Nepal except some small tremor in the western part of Nepal, which we were quite used to by now, however its pitty to hear that some 12 school child lost their lives in Afganistan School  and casualty is reaching more than 150 i believe so far. Its seems to be nature also not been favorable this year for the Himalayan region. Anyway Mary and team, thats why also Ukalo is very important for all of us , nothing  can go any more Oralo, all we shall do anything  is to go to Ukalo, perfectly matching name for the circumstances of present and future, i like.  I will update to further news later today, thanking you


Deepak Bhandari

Managing Director



Thankyou very much for your email

Good to hear that people love this Blanket and they ᅠare going well with your great plan. ᅠIt had duo be benefit one hand helping our local socio economy other hand they also feel like not buying the Blankets helping for the as you said common purpose ᅠof Ukalo and HA. What a wonderful idea Mary congratulations !



05.10.15 (privat)

Our Dearest Friend Marianne,

Warmest greetings to you from all of us here!

Thank you for thinking of us and for being our friend. We think of you andᅠthe wonderful memories together.

Please let us know if you need anythingᅠelseᅠfrom us. We are very grateful for all your help and support for Nepal. And we are more than happy to do our little bit to help you.

Lots of love and wishes,

With Best Regards



Dear Mary

Thankyou very much for your email and sharing the photos of Gas power plan, i will be very glad to share this  news among my villagers in my next meeting. I am sure they will also liked it very much just about the knowledge  to provide  and know how technic , for this i would appreciate if any input can be done by Petra but this is only when she is here in Nepal or maybe she can recommend us  somebody who can teach  this technical thing. I believe if we have this idea villagers can take their own initiation after couple of demo.

Just to share a another great news that  from my villager who were  newly shifted post earth quake to new location, they have found a good piece of land for their village school, so this is another exciting project to do for us, we can either look for hardware  ( School building ) or software like furnitures, solar, rain water harvesting system, music room, lab room, computer room,  sports ground, sports materials , any vocational training institute especially agriculture or anything productive. So here is something Ukalo can start to look, this can be either particular one school, or other 4 ( four ) as well. In the future i have the plan to make a budget of each model cost and breakdown cost, so that any corporate house, business man, social worker or any individuals can adopt as per their ideas, please advise what you think.

Rest is fine ...




Dear Mary

Hope all is well with you and family

I was again in the village last friday  for the general assembly of Jethal VDC, it was very nice meeting everyone at the same spots. They all would like to say thank you to you and your team of Ukalo  for your contribution in the village.

Rest is fine here, hopefully soon you will be able to receive your 150 pcs of  Blanket, which i have ask our forwarder to send already as per your request, also i have enclosed here some picture that i have taken during my visit last rtiday from the Ghumti Primary school, also we start to paying him as the work progress, please find in below.

Mary i guess thats all for now and i wish you all y best of luck for the Ukalo always , please convey my warm  regards to Dr Reiner, Edgar and Annete, thanking you




Dear Mary

Thankyou very much for your email, its good to hear that you are planing to come to Kathmandu.

I know Paul also told me already you are very good stake holder of lending ᅠgood hand to our people in Nepal for our needy HFT staffs and of-course , also you have sent to me directly by western union ᅠsome euro 2000 for our relief ᅠwork and Metal sheet roofing project.


So we still have lots of on going project and required many ᅠvolunteers , so i can set you up in our village health post for ᅠthe medical field work and you can ᅠdo the necessary volunteer as per your skill ᅠor any other skill you have. ᅠRam and Navu will assist to you and they are the primary resource person for the field. Regarding Yogi and Manu lives quite ᅠfar of the trail so your time just a week is may not be ᅠsufficient as just to get their village will takes about 5- 7 days and same time return. Other option you can take a flight to Phaplu but in the month of September it may be just risk with tight schedule. The only thing i can assist you is if you really want to see them when you go to village of Ram and me for Medical purpose, ᅠthey may can come up there and see there if you like, so please advise me if you would like to do that.


Other than that Dr Mary i must tell you that coming to Nepal means helping already a people of Nepal and Nepalese, so please come yourself and advise as many people as you can to travel to Nepal, lots of people like Ram, Yogi and Manu will get job, thats the another way of supporting and volunteering,


This is my straight opinion as i belongs to the village, if you are coming and would like to help Medical than you need to bring lots of first aid kits, some general medication like Diarrhea, headache, stomach pain , muscle pain or anything you can imagine for simp treatment, the places i would place you is just a Health post of the village and there will be seating only one man and woman as a Assistant Health worker. So he would have any special procedure there except just to handle the primary need.


Besides above you can also visit school of the area where we are planing to Reconstruction post monsoon and meet the student of the school, we have total 4 school in this village, 3500 people lives, about 850 houses ( i mean Shelter mostly bow ) So it would be eye opening experience for the next time, so we all can figure out what can be done next time if you willing to do anything. So Dr Mary i guess thats all for now and if you need any information , please don't hesitate to write me, thanking you




Dear Dr Mary

Its so nice of you making this extra efforts to make this happened, will consider it very highly and the fund will be properly used through our direct channel to village volunteers, as our most staffs comes the same region.

One again please accept our thanking to all your good hand helpers one behalf of myself and my dear villagers. Thanking you




Dear Dr Mary

I would like to confirm you that the fund Euro 1000 has well received by ... the fellow i recommend to receive the fund, thank you for your kind support, our work is rapidly going on as the monsoon approaching nearer, hopefully we will be shelter more family right on time, thanking you and will be in touch

Very good morning and best wishes and thoughts from Kathmandu




Namaste Mary

Yes i am sleeping ok since ᅠfew days we are back to home despite some after shock is normal now in Kathmandu, ᅠbut village house is collapsed completely ᅠso nobody lives there, however my hundred percent thoughts ᅠare there my mother is living still in one corner of the village where i am working for the pre monsoon shelter reconstruction ᅠwith the help of you and others.

I have two daughter and they are still scare to go home so i often need to check them, also we have no school at the moment schooled are largely damaged in the city and village both. So we have lots to do besides my own business in this difficult situation, therefore Dr Mary what you have done is highly appreciated and we need good hand like you and please convey my message everyone who joined with you and the people of the village i am working are very much indebted to each of them

Thats all for now and i will pick up the fund that you have sent today through Viswo Karki from Western Union, once again thank you

Also any plan to come to future in Nepal we have many place for you to join your hand, please stay in touch ... thanking you



Namaste Dr Mary

Thankyou for your email and will confirm you once you have ᅠthe code, please send me the digital code when Western Union provides you ᅠin order to receive the said Euro 1000 in Nepal

Please assured everyone the fund has been well used all the needy staff as horizontal as possible because our plan is to cover as many people as possible with simple method.




Dear Dr Mary

Thankyou so much and we appreciate your efforts,

Today i have found another 900 pieces of metal sheet which will almost ᅠhelp to cover 110 houses, so its good day for us and we are working on it, our whole team is working on this procedure and results are great, Thanking you




Namaste Dr Mary

I just would like to inform you that i have the money now that you have sent Eqv of ᅠEuro 1000, thanking you very much and it worked perfectly, ᅠi got the information from Bank you or anybody only can transfer ᅠeach time only ᅠupto Euro 2500 maximum each day without any extra bank charge here, this is only for the relief fund temporarily may last another few months,



22. 05.2015

Namaste ᅠDr Mary

Its always great pleasure to hear how much you all love for Nepal, without good hand and way like yours and not much can be done, i thank you once again taking this great initiation .

With best of himalayan wishes



21. Mai 2015

Namaste Dr Mariane

Its great pleasure to hear ᅠwhat you are doing for the People of Nepal, Thankyou is the word may never enough ᅠcompare to what you are doing now, i and on behalf of whole my HFT/ ᅠHWT ᅠteam , who ᅠwe turn into now regular ᅠbusiness to relief work facility. Currently we are working at the Ram's village and the area to provide shelter for 700 houses, they all are in urgent need and we are trying to set up their metal sheet cover make shift camp, just now while i am writing email , i got a hand written letter that there is another small cluster of the village in the neighborhood looking for the temporary shelter as they have mostly children, mother and elderly parents. The story is most young man went to work in the middle east gulf to make some cash and at the moment this small village is without helper because of only few woman and child and old parents, so i have already plan the fund you will send me where it goes. I will be sending some of my Volunteer staff and get the exact number in next couple of days. We all working rapidly because monsoon is not far from now and it can even hit hard during the heavy rainfall , therefore we are all working our level best to cover as many family as we can.


So this is the reality of now and will update to you with some more photos that i have by tomorrow also, for now i have some here ... Our work isᅠat the Sindhupalchowk district which is worst hit area of the earth quake where we have lost 3300 people out of the 8600. So this is the unfortunately my village also and i am also one of the victim just like Ram and he and i am actually neighbor .

Once again i thank you so much will be in touch and will keep you posted on further developments, thanking you




Dear friends

Please inform all the fellows who lend their kind helping handᅠto most needy of the Himalayan country people. The collected fund are supporting 100 families directly which is about 550 people immediately will find safe shelter now using the money. Once againᅠwe all don't have any words to find better then just to say to all of you THANKYOU!

Here are summariesᅠreport of todays meeting and details of what we have done with the fund:

This morning we were about ᅠ50 people at the Hotel Marshangdi hall for the relief distribution programme. Most funds are ᅠdistributed among ᅠthe WWF staffs where about 45 people were involved, they are in majority of ᅠregular trekking guide, ᅠcook , ᅠporter of HFT/ HWT and office staffs. The amount was equally distributed in cash firm ᅠas per their need basis because, ᅠdue to 2nd earth quake almost all the houses are flat , so the amount was about NPR 1900000 eqv in Euro 17500 for this purpose , so that they can start to build shelter immidiately without waiting for Government , ᅠremain money also ᅠ given to all the the non member staffs of the field working like temporary porter etc, which is about another Euro 4700 in cash firm itself. But we still have another 32 field staff which were not present here today due to all their personal circumstances at home, those are also we all decided and realize ᅠequally ᅠimportant therefore the future fund which are on pipeline ᅠalso allocated ᅠaccordingly. What we all are agree and decided is would like to assured every donor ᅠthat their each penny ᅠare using ᅠas horizontal as possible because needs are so important can't just ignore even though if the porter ᅠwe have only ᅠwork for 5 times with us. So it was absulately ᅠused ᅠwidely and wisely. I will enclose you some photos

Besides above wheat we have done ᅠso far is

We have distributed 65 bags of rice for Kavre village , another 30 for the same area ᅠthrough our one of the oldest guide ᅠwho lives there , Jalbire area and Sidhupalchok village where our most guide like Kiran, Tek, ram and Krishna comes from we have given 125 tarps and 240 bags of rice. Also annother 60 bags of rice for the Village dolakha where our Gokarna, Deepak , sambu and ᅠother guides comes from . So largely we have atleast distribute some rice in urgent need.

Now the Current project we have supplied and already abled to ᅠcover 300 family houses ᅠwith metal sheet shelter and looking for another 400 family houses to cover within this week. we could have done this much earlier as we don't get the enough supplies of Metal sheet ᅠtherefore we are on waiting list. we also have plan to cover as much as possible with the motive of durable and sustainability method. We are also getting good response of villagers and we have absolutely involved them to take the ownership of this project. This was the key formula that we can build so fast their metal makeshift camp

It was a quite tiring and long day Paul, so thats all for now i really hope the picture i have sent to you will help you to ᅠjustify our Donor and yourself to see how things are moving ahead, thanking you


Deepak Bhandari
Managing Director
Himalayan Waves Trekking
P.O. Box. 7663, Saatghumti, Thamel
Kathmandu, Nepal




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